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    Amma Darko  
    The Necklace of Tales  
    This book brings the charm of the traditional Kweku Ananse stories into the context of our modern
world. For centuries, the stories of this African folktales character were handed down orally through
story telling. The stories originated from the Ashantis who form part of the Akan tribe of Ghana.
Kweku is the day name of a Wednesday born male and Ananse is Akan for spiders. In this story which
is the first a series, the Kweku Ananse tales are recounted through the experiences of an orphan girl
named Obiba and by virtue of a mysterious set of beads necklace. The Necklace of Tales, as the
beads necklace is known, is as old as the universe. Inside it is captured the Kweku Ananse stories. It
comes into the possession of the orphan Obiba.

She is living a difficult life with her unkind Aunt in Ghana's capital Accra. The Kweku Ananse
character is a spider with human characteristics. His eight limbs are often depicted as four arms and
four legs. His special relationship with the Creator goes back to the time of creation. He is wise and
cunning and a trickster. Every Kweku Ananse tale bears some subtle advice and words of wisdom.
Told and retold by the captives from the Ashanti tribe during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, the
Kweku Ananse stories spread to other parts of the world. It has evolved in places like the southern
parts of the USA; the West Indies and the Carribean. In this digital world of ours today, sometimes a
bit of spidery adventurous fun could prove beneficial. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us